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b Football Worldcup 2014 jn Salvador da Bahia
Carnival in Salvador da Bahia 2014
Carnival in Salvador da Bahia 2013
Kids from Bom Jesus II
Franciscan charity work in a slum area's creche in Fortaleza/Ceará
Franciscan convent in Olinda near Recife/Pernambuco
Landconflict in Sapé near João Pessoa/Paraíba
Kids from a landconflict occupation in the north of João Pessoa

Iemanjá Festival in João Pessoa

an Afro-Brazilian religion

Kids from the Bom-Jesus-Road in João Pessoa
Pics of the famous St. Francis Church in Salvador/Bahia
The famous tiles of Salvador's St. Francis Church showing stories fom the Greec mythology
Sight-seeing showing pics from Salvador in 2002
Salvador in the 1988th
Election-night of the actual president Lula in Salvador
Tourist trip through the interior of Bahia visiting the Chapada Diamantina
The famous pilgrim village Canindé/Ceará
Independence day
7 de setembro
in João Pessoa, 2001
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